Stage compatibility: screws onto Prior NZ250/400/500 - comes with Koelher lid
Magnetic interchangeable inserts allow to use:
  • 35/60 mm Petri
  • 1x3 in. / 1x2 in. chambered slides
  • 6-12-24-48-96 MW plates
  • Koelher lid for working under Koehler illumination
  • Optional lids available for Laser Safety, Injection during imaging
  • Flexible chamber height thanks to the removable chamber riser required to fit standard multiwell plates or to perform perfusion
  • Magnets allow easy interchange of chamber inserts
  • Magnetic locks hold Petri and Slides and MW in correct position inside the chamber

Available Inserts

H201-MW-HOLDER-NZ500 Multiwell plates holder /H201-MW-HOLDER_600x600.JPG
1x35-M #1 35mm Petri-dish 1x35-M.JPG
1x35-PRIOR-NZ500 #1 35mm Petri-dish 1x35-PRIOR-NZ500.JPG
1xGS-PRIOR-N-NZ500 #1 1x3in. chamberslide 1xGS-PRIOR-NZ500.JPG
1xLABTEK-PRIOR-NZ500 #1 Lab-Tek 1x2 in. chambered cover glass 1xLABTEK-PRIOR-NZ500.JPG
1xLABTEK-II-PRIOR-NZ500 #1 Lab-Tek II 1x2 in. chambered cover glass 1xLABTEK-II-PRIOR-NZ500.JPG
1x60-PRIOR-NZ500 #1 60mm Petri-dish 1x60-PRIOR-NZ500.JPG
1xT25-PRIOR-NZ500 #1 Nunc and Greiner T25 flask 1xT25-PRIOR-NZ500.JPG
2x35-PRIOR-NZ500 #2 35mm Petri-dish 2x35-PRIOR-NZ500.JPG
2xGS-PRIOR-NZ500 #2 1x3in. chamberslides 2xGS-PRIOR-NZ500.JPG
2xLABTEK-PRIOR-NZ500 #2 Lab-Tek 1x2 in. chambered cover glass 2xLABTEK-PRIOR-NZ500.JPG
2xLABTEK-II-PRIOR-NZ500 #2 Lab-Tek II 1x2 in. chambered cover glass 2xLABTEK-II-PRIOR-NZ500.JPG
2x60-PRIOR-NZ500 #2 60mm Petri-dish 2x60-PRIOR-NZ500.JPG
4x35-PRIOR-NZ500 #4 35mm Petri-dish 4x35-PRIOR-NZ500.JPG
GS35-PRIOR-NZ500 #1 1x3in. chamberslide and #2 35mm Petri-dish GS35-PRIOR-NZ500.JPG
LABTEK-35-PRIOR-NZ500 #1 Lab-Tek 1x2 in. chambered cover glass and #2 35mm Petri-dish LABTEK-35-PRIOR-NZ500.JPG
LABTEK-II-35-PRIOR-NZ500 #1 Lab-Tek II 1x2 in. chambered cover glass and #2 35mm Petri-dish LABTEK-II-35-PRIOR-NZ500.JPG
LABTEK-60-PRIOR-NZ500 #1 Lab-Tek 1x2 in. chambered cover glass and #1 60mm Petri-dish LABTEK-60-PRIOR-NZ500.JPG
LABTEK-II-60-PRIOR-NZ500 #1 Lab-Tek II 1x2 in. chambered cover glass and #1 60mm Petri-dish LABTEK-II-60-PRIOR-NZ500.JPG
GS60-PRIOR-NZ500 #1 1x3in. chamberslide and #1 60mm Petri-dish GS60-PRIOR-NZ500.JPG
6035-PRIOR-NZ500 #1 60mm Petri-dish and #1 35mm Petri-dish 6035-PRIOR-NZ500.JPG

Available LIDs

H201-KOEHLER-LID-PRIOR-NZ500 Glass lid that reduces the height of the chamber to 22 mm.It allows to work under Koehler illumination. H201-MW-LOCK-22.5.JPG
H201-INJECTION-LID-PRIOR-NZ500 Glass lid with two small openings (sealed with flexible plastic) to allow injection or permanent access to the specimen. Note: compatible only with specimen holder 1x35 H201-MW-LOCK-22.5.JPG
H201-LASER-INTERLOCK-LID-PRIOR-NZ500 Glass lid with a safety switch that connects to the laser box. The switch turns off the laser, when the lid is lifted Note: compatible only with specimen holder 1x35 H201-MW-LOCK-22.5.JPG
H201-PRIOR-NZ500 with Koehler Lid
H201-PRIOR-NZ500 - Available Lids
H201-PRIOR-NZ500 - Dimensions
H201-PRIOR-NZ500 - Magnetic Inserts
H201-PRIOR-NZ500 - Magnetic Inserts
H201-PRIOR-NZ500 - Magnetic sample locks

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